Popmoney is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Now, sending and receiving money is as easy as emailing and texting. You don't need a new account to send or receive money, just log into your WCF Financial Bank account, click on Bill Payment and then Popmoney to get started.

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Popmoney is the convenient way to send and receive money for things such as:

  • Send money for your share of a group gift
  • Send a gift of money to family and friends
  • Pay your babysitter 
  • Pay your rent
All you need is the receipient's email address or name/cell number and you can send and receive funds.
(Note: both parties need to have Popmoney accounts.)
For more information on Popmoney, simply sign into your WCF Financial Bank online account,
click on Bill Payment and then Popmoney.